The Brooklyn collective was founded by Kirra Cheers and Spencer Lum to create an open environment for photographers to grow and play. We sponsor events for Collective members and for the community, including mentorship programs, portfolio reviews, public education, and exhibitions. Our goal is to change create new conversatations about the future of the image in an ever-changing industry landscape.




Kirra Cheers was once told that her brain had deviated too far from the norm to be considered a viable candidate. She believes this to be her superpower. She also believes that eating is a sport and wonderland is a creative space where beautiful photos are made. She takes photos first, writes second but considers herself to be a storyteller. 


An internationally recognized award winning photographer, Kirra splits her time between New York and Australia. She is the co-founder of Brooklyn Collective and the author of Tempting Alice; a travel/lifestyle blog she has created to document her journeys around the world.


Kirra's work explores and documents her life as she strives to find a new kind of normal. Immersing herself in a world of her own creation where creativity is king and reality is whatever you choose it to be.






Spencer is a storyteller with an indelible belief in the power of raw humanity. Appearing in New York Magazine, Camera Obscura, the New York Times, and other leading publications, he spends his time divided between fine art and business.


Spencer firmly believes that creativity and naps are the two essential elements of good living, and he spends his days fiercely pursuing both of these endeavors. Along with his career as a photographer, he has enjoyed time as a designer, creative director, and filmmaker, as well as as serving as a doting husband and father of two beautiful children.



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