A Snow Day in Brooklyn // The Day After Snowstorm Juno

If there is anything to love about a snow day it’s the sense of community that comes from it. People say ‘good morning’ and smile at each other as they pass in the street. It’s like being transported to small town for a day! Snowstorm Juno didn’t hit NYC nearly as bad as expected but most people still had the day off and schools were closed. Sled-worthy hills might be lacking in this part of Brooklyn but there was no shortage of snow forts, snow ball fights and snowmen, and certainly no shortage of creative ways to approach them all. All these images were shot within a two block radius of my apartment in Brooklyn proving once again why, after living in several cities and areas of Brooklyn, this ‘hood is by far my favorite. If you’re curious for a storm comparison, you can see another set of snowy images I shot way back in 2010 after another enormous storm hit NYC. be-_0138 be-_0139 be-_0140 be-_0141 be-_0142 be-_0143 be-_0162be-_0145 be-_0144be-_0146 be-_0147 be-_0148 be-_0149 be-_0150 be-_0151 be-_0152 be-_0153 be-_0154 be-_0155 be-_0156 be-_0157 be-_0158 be-_0159 be-_0160 After all that walking around and sitting in the snow taking photo, I grabbed a cappuccino from my favorite neighborhood coffee shop, Crema. The best. be-_0161 A Snow Day in Brooklyn // The Day After Snowstorm Juno



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