Modern Romance – The Exhibit

Sometimes, you sit in the middle of the huddle, looking at the players around you, and life slows. Everything is a little more vivid – the expressions, the smiles, the glances. The din drifts into the distance, the beat of your heart runs through your veins, and you just feel alive. Yesterday was that day.

It had been a hazy sort of week, existing out of space and time. Back from China, I was thoroughly jet-lagged – my head clouded, my body sleepless. While I was away, Kirra and I had been bouncing messages back and forth like a ping pong ball, as we worked our way through the maze that is to prepare an exhibit.

I was nervous and busy, my mind buzzing with anxiety and excitement, fear and hope. And I had no idea if we’d make our way to the finish line. Not to mention, I had 126 Instagram posts to transcribe, a design to finalize, prints to make, and I wouldn’t even see how my own piece looked until the the day of the show itself.

Then it came.

Now perfect isn’t a term I use lightly. By nature, I gravitate towards understatement. Not to mention, I grew up with the unfortunate habit of seeing the glass as half empty, though I try my hardest to resist. And perfect? What is that, anyway?

But from the very start, as we entered the gallery one by one to install our pieces, each seeing one another’s work for the first time, it became clear this day was different. By the time the doors opened, the music kicked in, and people came – more people than I even let myself hope for – I fully knew this was something special. There were visitors of all stripes. From Brooklyn. From Manhattan. From the West Coast. Familiar faces and new encounters, all coming through those doors. There was even a party bus.

The mere thought this group of wonderful artists that Kirra and I had reached out to just a few months earlier would pour their hearts into this crazy idea of putting together a non-wedding show for a wedding photography collective amazed me. To see it happen and to participate humbled me.

And as the night came to an end, and I looked at each person – as we posed for our one and only shot together that day – I thought about what we had done. I thought about Kirra and Bonnie and Lauren and Chaz and Priya and Vik, and I took a final look at the work on these walls. I felt so proud of these people for what they had done. For being who they were. For being brave enough to see it through to the end. And I smiled to myself. I had just experienced something perfect.

- Spencer Lum


Thank you to everyone who came out. Everyone there made it what it was. And a huge and special thanks The Green Building and Sky Gallery for the space, to our very own Katie Osgood, to Schofferhofer Grapefruit for donating the alcohol, to Hudson Events for two incredible bartenders, to Sharif Kasymbekov, and to the DJ Kim Robinson, for the non-stop vibes that made everything go down just right. It was an amazing night.

The Artists:
Bonnie Burke
Kirra Cheers, Tinderella
Chaz Cruz , cor/relation
Spencer Lum , Terms of Service
Vik Manchanda , Reflection of Love
Priya Patel, Partners, Familes, Playmates
Lauren Slusher, Romantic Reality



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